Weaving by hand gives the opportunity to design functional, timeless and unique textiles. Simply put; you intertwine perpendicular threads together that turn into a tapestry. But there is much more to weaving. Elisabeth Johansson lives for weaving. In a log Cabin on the farm i Torp, Mörlunda, she combines tradition with experimental creativity. Surrounded by vast fields and fertility, her textile takes form; each with a unique expression, and each with it’s own voice.

Life on the farm in Emådalen brings Elisabeth closer to nature, which can be seen in her craft. Carefully, she chooses materials that fit the fabric. A fabric produced with respect for nature, sparing the land which Elisabeth loves.

Elisabeth’s textiles are long lasting in every sense. The quality is the highest, the design timeless; the creative process is done in an environmental way. When Elisabeth weaves, she doesn’t only fuse threads in to a piece of textile. With her bare hands, stamina and a tremendous sense of quality, she unites rural and urban, the past, present and future.

Phone +4670-3761590
Email elisabeth@elisabethjohansson.se

Address Torp 2, 57798 Mörlunda, Sweden

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